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Teacher of Maths, Science and SAT with 10+ years experience in teaching and developing courses for students of all ages.
Specialization in Algebra, Calculus, Geometry and SAT prepration.


Bachelors (Physics, Chemistry and Maths), Masters (Mathematics)

Work Experience

1) Taught Maths and Science of students of all age groups with 10+ years of experience. 2) Devloped innovative lesson plans and activities to engage students in learning subject. 3) 10+ years of online teaching experience. 4) 8+ years of SAT prepration experience. 5) Specialization in SAT prepration for all sections including ELA.

Skills and Approach

1) Utilized a variety of teaching strategies to accommodate different learning styles. 2) Coached students on Maths competitive exams and helped them achieve high scores. 3) Helped students to create project based learning activities for SAT classes.

2 Courses
2 Students