Code of Conduct

WhizPrep seeks to provide a welcoming, engaging, fun, and safe learning experience and ongoing community for all enthusiastic about education. We require all parents, teachers and students and any other users of WhizPrep to adhere to the following code of good conduct and refrain from all unacceptable conduct as specified below.

Code of Good Conduct


Be Respectful

Treat your online students, instructors, and parents of students with courtesy and respect. Think before you communicate, Do not indulge in derogatory, dismissive, overly critical comments. Support others in learning by providing feedback, resources, and information. Treat the students and teachers with courtesy and respect. Think before you communicate; avoid derogatory or overly critical comments. Facilitate appropriate communication and interaction between students and teachers.

Honor Privacy

Honor the students’ right to privacy when designing and implementing courses. Use all data only according to the Company’s then current Privacy Policy. Use the personally identifiable communication (PII) only for direct communications between the instructor and the student. Never share the PII or the contact details of the students outside of WhizPrep.

Be Ethical

Be honest in your representations of your own background, education and experiences Do not submit or use others’ work as your work without proper acknowledgement Follow applicable copyright, trademark, and other laws and give attributions to the others’ work you have used. Be an active dependable member of the learning community

Strive for excellence

Provide useful feedback, resources, and guidance on a consistent basis Value, respect, and embrace diversity and allow for differing opinions and way of doing things Regularly review your course materials and make the necessary updates to keep them current at all times Keep your students safe, safeguard their PII, and value diversity of skills, talents, interests, and pace of learning Encourage and value students’ and parents’ feedback and use them continuously for improving the subject you are teaching Deal with issues of inappropriate conduct of students, parents, or fellow teachers carefully and bring them to the attention of the Company for appropriate actions

Honor Laws

Follow the laws and regulations of the U.S. and of all the places where you are located, operate, or engage from.

Foster Diversity

Foster diversity and practice inclusion because we work together and best because of our differences, not despite them

Responsible Social Media

Comply with all Company policies in use of online media. This applies to all communications related to your role in the Company and to personal communications that may impact the Company. In using social media, be polite, respectful, and remember that one’s conduct may impact the way others view who we are and what we stand for as a Company. Be alert to reporting obligations, including adverse event reporting procedures, and protecting Company and customer confidential information. Be mindful of the content created, shared and posted on all online media and use good judgment when engaging in social media. Avoid using any data against the Privacy Policy of the Company

Conflicts of Interest

Avoid situations where personal interests may conflict with Company responsibilities and the role you play.


Be Disciplined

Establish a strong instructor presence in all your online courses. Communicate expectations and assignments clearly and consistently Facilitate online course discussions and other activities on a regular and consistent basis Develop expertise with technology, tools, and teaching methods and be ready to provide assistance Keep the course content and documents current with regular updates and keeps contact information, web addresses, etc. current at all times Continuously extend your knowledge of the subject matter you are teaching


Provide opportunities for students to consider different perspectives and opinions. Contribute to online discussions with thoughtful posts, comments, and ideas

Be Creative

Encourage creativity in class environments Foster student-to-student collaboration and communication Establish and promote an inviting environment conducive to learn and create

Be Impartial

Avoid using classrooms for political, ideological, or religious advocacy. Avoid endorsing, supporting, or opposing any candidate, elected or appointed official, or a nominee for such office during the classroom environment Avoid using or allow others to any controversial subject matter that is irrelevant to the course being taught Avoid segregating or grouping students according to race, religion or ethnic groups in a manner that cause inequities for another racial group of students.

Be Trustworthy

Use recorded classes and student discussions only according to Company policies and guidelines Avoid misusing recorded classes or student discussions for purposes not permitted by Company

For Parents

Comply with all Company policies in use of online media. Avoid any derogatory remarks related to students, other parents, instructor of WhizPrep. Provide feedback directly to WhizPrep when and where relevant. Respect privacy of other students in a batch setting. Do not disclose works of other or share others work access to which may be available to you in a batch setting. WhizPrep materials that you have access to is solely for the purpose of your registered student. Do not share this material with any one without explicit permission from WhizPrep. Do not share your Registration with others including Instructors or Management of WhizPrep. In batch settings, classes continue even if your student is on vacations and no reschedules are generally permitted; recordings would be provided to get up to speed and catchup with the batch. Pay all fee and dues on time. Let WhizPrep know 15 days advance notice of leaving

Unacceptable Conduct


Harassment of any form is considered unacceptable conduct. Examples of such conduct include discriminatory language, imagery (including sexual) and any behavior that threatens or demeans another person that creates an unsafe learning environment. This includes use of offensive verbal or non-verbal expressions related to gender, sexual orientation, disability, skill level, learning and teaching style, physical appearance, body size, race, age, and religious or political beliefs; sexual or discriminatory images in public spaces (including online).
Intimidation, stalking, following, harassing photography or recording without consent, inappropriate physical contact, and unwelcome sexual attention.
If you feel you are being harassed by another member of this community or notice that someone else is being harassed, if you feel comfortable speaking with the offending person, please inform the person that you are being affected by their actions.
If direct interaction with the offending person is not a good option for you, then you should escalate the incident to the Company designated person.

Privacy Policy and Terms of Use

All participants of this web property shall adhere to the most current Privacy Policy and Terms of Use applicable to the web site and any services offered by it.

Disciplinary Action

Offending person who is required to stop any harassing behavior are expected to comply immediately. If a person continues this behavior, Company may take any action as deem appropriate, including taking disciplinary action against the offending person. Such actions may include but are not limited to:

• Warning to cease unacceptable behavior
• Require the offending person to avoid any interaction with the offended person.
• Not publishing or sharing any media that violated the privacy policy or this Code of Conduct
• Requiring that the harasser immediately leave the event and not return
• Immediately terminate their association with the Company


WhizPrep expects all users of this community follow the above rules and guidelines on good conduct and unacceptable conduct. We value everyone who is part the WhizPrep community, and we request all to keep it a safe and friendly space for all learners and teachers.