Frequently Asked Questions

About Our Courses

All our sessions are 1:1 with complete focus and attention to the student’s needs. There will be a dedicated tutor assigned to ensure student’s success.

At WhizPrep, we view each student as an individual with unique academic needs. Our programs are fully personalized to help students achieve their goals by focusing on their strengths and addressing areas for improvement. With a 1:1 student/teacher ratio, customizable proprietary curriculum, and expert academic coaching and college admission counseling, we prioritize tailored support for every student. We do not believe in generic solutions because we are committed to providing personalized guidance and support to each student.

We’ve carefully chosen a select few highly qualified instructors renowned for their expertise in teaching SAT strategies. Our instructors possess extensive teaching or tutoring experience and are exceptionally skilled, dynamic educators. With our elite team of experienced instructors, we consistently produce outstanding SAT and ACT results for our students!

Parents will have a separate login credential to logon to Parent portal which gives them access to their child’s schedule, previous classes, assignments, upcoming classes, teachers notes etc which will help them keep track.

All sessions are online via the WhizPrep portal. The student and the assigned tutor logs on at the pre-determined day & time. The classes are conducted via Zoom using whiteboards for illustrations and problem solving.

All online sessions are recorded and available for parents & students to refer back to the previous topics. The recordings are saved onto the WhizPrep portal for easy access.

Schedule & Missed Class

The whole idea of a 1:1 tutoring is based on the fact that the classes are held at each other’s convenience. The classes are scheduled as agreed upon and are booked via Zoom. Students or the tutor can request a change as we all know that the students have a lot going on and there are times when they get busy with other commitments. The same goes with the tutor and hence we provide flexibility to meet all their needs.

Sessions can be rescheduled with prior notice. If a student misses a session without prior notice, the tutor will try to contact the parent to check if the student is unable to attend. We request both parties to respect each other’s schedule priorities and act diligently and responsibly to make use of the time allotted.

Holiday schedule will be published in advance to help with scheduling.

Yes, please follow the link to book a trial session with a tutor of your choice. The trial session will also help the tutor evaluate the current level of the student to help tailor the curriculum based on the same.

Fees & Payment

You can buy block of hours from WhizPrep. Every specialization has a rate assigned to it based on the expertise level of the course. Get in touch with us to book a free trial and discuss your needs.

Yes, Parents portal has the features to add preferred modes of payment, be it credit card or via paypal or bank account transfers.

How We Can Help Your Child

Using a robust and validated teaching approach, we’ve successfully assisted students in enhancing their SAT scores by over 200 points in six months or fewer.

Regular Assignments

Regular SAT assignments are essential for practice and reinforcement. Tailored exercises bolster understanding, identify weaknesses, and foster critical thinking. Feedback from assignments aids assessment and personalized support. Additionally, they instill discipline and time management, crucial for academic success beyond the SAT.

Post-session Feedback

Post-session feedback is crucial for SAT students’ improvement. It provides personalized insights into strengths and weaknesses, guiding focused study. Clear feedback aids comprehension and retention, while constructive criticism fosters growth. Regular feedback cultivates accountability and motivates students, ensuring continuous progress towards achieving their SAT goals.

Regular Recurring 1:1 Tutoring

Regular recurring 1:1 tutoring offers personalized support to SAT students. Tailored sessions focus on individual needs, addressing specific weaknesses and reinforcing strengths. Consistent interaction builds rapport and trust, enhancing student engagement and motivation. Through ongoing guidance and feedback, students develop confidence and strategies for success on the SAT.